Embedding API Key in Remote Control Endpoint URLs?

I’m using several instances of endpoint URLs to choose different Layer Sets in my show, and they work great.

Today, though, I wanted to grant remote access via the web in a way that I felt it more prudent to add a password. As soon as I added that password, of course, my endpoint URLs all began failing with:

{"errors":[{"status":"401","title":"Not Authorized","description":"Please check your login data"}]}

I saw the API Key in mimoLive > Preferences > Remote Control, and I tried implementing that in my endpoint URLs to no avail. I tried “?key=[API Key]” and a few other ideas, but nothing did it, nor could I find it documented anywhere.

Does anyone know how to embed the API Key in my remote control Endpoint URLs?

Thanks so much!

Hi @DaveTheNerd! Please see: https://docs.mimo.live/docs/http-api#authentication

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Ahh, perfect. Thank you!

Let us know what you’re building!

Sure thing! Right now I have my Keyboard Maestro macros triggering different layer sets while we record Mac Geek Gab, with me “mixing” the video live.

I realized I wasn’t really doing anything with the mixing while I was talking, but was while John F. Braun, my co-host was. So I thought, “why not give John access to Remote Control mimoLive?”

And since I’m opening up that access, I wanted to add a password, but that broke my Keyboard Maestro macros because I need to embed the API Key in them. :slight_smile: