embed live stream from another source

Hello fellow users. Is it possible to use a url from another live feed (e.g. Facebook or youtube) as a video source in mimolive?

For example if am using my phone or some other device to stream live on my Facebook or you tube channel, is there a way for me to receive that video being streamed via my phone into mimolive?

Currently mimoLive can’t use streaming services as input sources.

However you may work around this with a Screen Capture Source or a Window Capture source:

  • Open your Internet browser and go to the webpage containing the streaming video.
  • In mimoLive create a Window Capture Source ( https://docs.mimo.live/docs/window-capture ) and select the Internet browser window to be captured.
  • With the cropping parameter of the Window Capture Source you can adjust the exact area of the web page where the video is located.
  • Make use of the content by dragging the Window Capture Source on top of your layer stack.
  • You should now see the content from the Internet page in the program out of mimoLive.

Capturing Audio needs a 3rd party app that is able to capture sound of one application and make it available to others.

Disclaimer: Please make sure that you are allowed to capture and/or rebroadcast the content of the particular website because copyrights may apply.

Does this help?