Elgato HD 60s integration with mimoLive

Hi everyone. Is the Elgato HD 60s a possibility to input an external camera as camera source for mimolive?
I’m looking for an easy way to bring a single camera into the production and as the Elgato HD 60s is an affordable equipment and have USB-C port… I just felt like it would be nice to have a shot with this gear…
I use a macbook pro 2019 as mimoLive station so there’s no thunderbolt 2 and so my capture boards are obsolete and useless such as my Ultrastudio 3D by Blackmagic…
Do you guys know anything about it?
Thank you.

We’ve not tested the Elgato HD 60s. It will work if it presents itself to the macOS as a webcam like other devices of its kind.

As for the Thunderbolt 2 devices, you can use a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter to use them.

Thank you Oliver. Appreciated

yes, you can use the HD60s (only this one, HD60 without s is not working). You have to install the “OBS Link” Software from Elgato. It sets your HD60s as an NDI device wich can be found in MimoLive. Unfortunately it has a delay from 250ms wich is to much for a lot of cases.

Thank you Joey. It’s good to know the delay… 250ms is too much

Hello @SantosLeandroDP. You can use the Elgato HD60 S+ (PLUS) as a mimoLive input without installing any additional software.

+1 - can verify that it works just fine.