Editing window. disappearance

When I open FM I get the expected start and finish windows. However once i add a slide the editing screen reduces to one window. How do I correct this so that the two windows remain.

After searching for a while I found I could right click in the edit window to get and “enable” option. This will bring back the start/windows. How do I get this as the default so I don’t have to do it for every slide?

The start and finish windows BOTH appear when “Animation” is enabled in the Slide options side panel. If the “enabled” button is NOT checked, then only one image is displayed (since you are not asking for any animation to occur – pans, zooms, mask moves, etc.)

The easiest thing to do is just drag ALL of your slides into the storybook, and once they are there, simply select them all at once, go to the Slideshow options panel, and click on the "enabled
" button for Animation. If you have 300 slides, for example, all 300 will immediately have start and finish windows.

Another option is to drag all your slides to the storyboard, then from the main menu choose Slideshow > Instant Slideshow… and in the third group down, click on Automatic in the drop-down menu. You can also apply a few other options using that method.

Personally, I prefer to tailor my slideshow to my own settings (timing, pans, zooms, etc. on a slide-by-slide basis).