Editing the rolling credit snippet

I can’t figure out how to edit the rolling credits snippet. The yellow box is not visible due to the presence of the storyboard. Is there a way to move the storyboard so I can edit the credits?

Hi, bluemoon53 – what you have to do is not move the “storyboard”, but move the credits!! You’ll need to physically move the credits text block UP (by clicking and dragging) to edit all of your entries, adjust your fonts, spacing, etc. Once it’s complete, however long it turns out to be, move the block back DOWN to where it was initially. An easy way to make it match where it was (since you might have accidentally moved it left/right – and you’ve obviously moved it UP and DOWN during editing) is to drag the Rolling Credits snippet onto a NEW slide, click on the text block in the Start position and do a Copy Geometry, then go back to the slide where all your edits are, select the text block again in the Start position, and do a Paste Geometry. Do the same procedure for the Finish position.

Thanks. I did finally figure this out. Do I really have to do the copy Geometry? I don’t see why this is necessary.

Only if you want the Start and Finish of the Rolling Credits animation to match where they originally were before you made the edits. As I mentioned, sometimes you might accidentally move the text box side to side while editing, and if you don’t catch it then not only will the credits roll up, but they might appear to shift horizontally as well, even a slight amount. If you just use FM’s built in “snapping” feature you can probably center the text block left and right, and just make sure it starts somewhere below the Stage when it begins. Using Copy/Paste Geometry is just a way to make it easier IF you make a mistake.