Editing Text in Credit Roll

How can one edit text that’s scrolled down in the Credit Roll snippet? I’ve been training myself using your tutorials, but can’t find this. Would like to give a music credit, but can’t seem to find a way to get to that point of the roll.

I should have added, using FotoMagico 5 Pro 5.0.1.

I haven’t tried the Credit Roll snippet yet, but I’ve been doing credit rolls in FM for quite some time. Unfortunately, it’s kind of a pain to edit LONG credits, because you can only see PART of the text block on the slide at one time.

What you need to do is edit the text YOU CAN SEE, then move the box up and continue adding/editing the text you still want to add. Continue adding, and continue moving the box. When you’re finished, place the box on the START slide so that the top starts where you want (I usually place the top just BELOW the working stage area). On the FINISH slide, move the box so that it ends where you want it (again, I usually place the bottom of the box just ABOVE the stage area). Set your timing so that the scroll can be read at a comfortable pace.

That should do it.