Editing Images in Photoshop

I’ve tried two different ways to edit images that I’ve placed in FotoMagico v5b65 timeline in Photoshop, in order to get rid of red eye.

  1. Do a Get Info (cmd-I) and click on the right arrow next to the file name to open it in the finder. Then edit the file in photoshop and save and quit. Once I move off the photo in FotoMagico and return to it, it shows the edits.
  2. Click on the photo in the original Images pane on the right hand side and right click and select “Edit in Photoshop CC(2015)”. Then edit the file in photoshop and save and quit.

In both cases, when I export the slideshow, the movie shows the original, uncorrected, images.
I suspect that on export when the dialog briefly says “Copying images”, the edited ones are being replaced. But then I can’t explain why my method #2 (above) didn’t work.

How can I edit photos already in the timeline?

I know I could edit them in the finder and then replace them in the slideshow. However, my slideshow is already complete and replacing images often causes their zoom, rotation and animation to be lost.

Any help would be appreciated.


I have this problem also w/ FotoMagico 5.0.6 (22093). On Mac I can ctrl-click on the image in the Storyboard and then select File->Replace Media File…, and then go find the original (now newly edited), and it seems to pick it up without losing the zoom info.

But there should be a single command which will go and replace any of the edited originals in one operation. Every time I preview my slide show, I find something I want to touch up in a photo.