Edit/swap a single image

I have made a slideshow that I’m really happy with, except I’d like to edit, or swap out, a single image. I have replaced the image with an updated one in the source folder on my HDD, but it is unchanged in the FMS image folder. I seem unable to drag and drop the new, edited image from my source folder into FMS.
Any thoughts?
Thank you.

For information, my experience when making books (using several proprietary supplier companies) is that I can right click, export to an image to an editing programme PS/LR etc, edit, save and…voila! So good. So easy. So intuitive!

The concept of FotoMagico is to do something with your final images. Thats why there are only limited features to work on your images once they are copied into your FotoMagico project.

You can right click on a certain image in the timeline and select “File > Replace Media File…” in the context menu in order to replace it by another from your desktop.

If you have setup an external editor for your images in the FotoMagico Preferences you can double click the image thumbnails in the image browser on the right to open them in PhotoShop for example. However this don’t work currently for the images that are already in your timeline. I will take this as a feature request :slight_smile:

Will “replacing the media file” work for you for now?