Edit: Paste and Match Style?

If I copy some text – e.g. from a “description” field in the metadata in Adobe Bridge? – and try to paste it into a label, FotoMagico pastes with the complete font, size, color of the copied text. This destroys whatever font, size, color, etc that I have set in the label beforehand. Which makes Edit:Paste pretty much useless for label text, as it is unlikely that I will copy label text from someplace where it’s alread 40pt Forest Green Lucida with drop shadow!

Could we have either Edit:Paste only paste the plain text when pasting to a label? Or – if you want to retain the ability to copy styled text from one label to another, which would make sense – have a separate “Paste and match style” command (see the TextEdit app for an example).

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This is intended to be able to have more advanced titles in FotoMagico, but of course you are right a “match style” option absolutely would make sense.

+1 on this
I cut and paste a lot of text from MS Word where I’m doing planning and copy editing
Would be super helpful to NOT have to fiddle with fonts and colors all the time

Hi @dmephoto Thanks for using FotoMagico. I’ve forwarded your comments to engineering for consideration.

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