Echo/Reverb when start recording

I have 4 - SM7B Shure Mics plugged into a Rodecaster pro 2. As I bring up MimoLive getting ready to record a show and everyone is talking and warming up there is no echo or reverb across headphones. As soon as I press the “start recording” button the sound has an uncontrollable echo. I am in a room that has been wall to wall fitted with sound panels and each mic is about 5 feet from one another. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Also, i have no other internal mics and all audio settings are pointed to the rodecaster. The only reason i am confused is because while everything is on and running it sounds great just until I press that “start recording” button.

Hi @lgrothues Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out in this forum! I’m sorry to hear about the troubles.

Somewhere in your setup, you’re creating an audio loop. My guess would be that you’re sending the audio from mimoLive back to the Rodecaster. It is relatively easy to fix with access to the device and mimoLive document. Do you have an output in mimoLive that sends the Audio to the mixer? Have you selected the Rodecaster in the output as the output Audio device?

If you want, it helps a lot to see a screenshot of the Output Destination section in mimoLive.