Duplicating remote control surface

Is there a way to duplicate a remote control surface? I want to add one that is similar to one I already use, but don’t want to have to create it from scratch.

If this is something that isn’t possible, then I’d like to suggest it as a feature request.



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Ben…been an ongoing issue here. I’m in the same boat. Currently just doing a screen grab of the old one and duplicating it manually. :frowning:

It seems to be really hard to implement this. I tried to manipulate the tvshow document by hand. I know exactly how this is saved inside the document’s plist-file, but even I know this, I’m not able to duplicate the data by hand. And yes, this feature would save several weeks a year. At least for me.

Yes…I took a peek at the .plist file and didn’t see any way to make this happen. This would be a major feature request, and I imagine would be one all users would find useful.


I too would love this.

Only workaround I can think of is to duplicate the show document, as a way to have same or similar show but with different remote control surface.

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Yes, this was exactly what I did before I got in touch with automation. Since this I have just up to 10 buttons at the final control.