"duplicate source" command behavior

I discovered the “duplicate source” command has strange behavior. Instead of being placed after (below) the original source, the duplicated source is placed before (above) it. Of course, it is easy to reorder sources at will, but when you need to duplicate many sources, it can become a bit time-consuming.

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Agree. Pretty annoying :grimacing:. Same happens when duplicating layers. Would be easier if they are added below.

I think the behavior of the duplicating layers is correct: all the apps having layers (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) behave the same. While the duplicate source behavior is counterintuitive.

Thanks for the feedback.

The reason why duplicated sources are added above is to keep it consistent within mimoLive.

It would probably be easy to change, but other users might find it confusing. I have recorded this as a feature request.

@Oliver_Boinx I see your point. But think about Photoshop behavior. If you add a new action it goes below the already existing ones. While if you add a new layer it goes above the already existing ones. That because most users perceive layers as something that goes from bottom to top, and other settings as something that goes the opposite direction.

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