"Duet" app and Program Output

I would like to know if the app Duet will work with mimoLive. My idea is to use an iPad as a monitor for Program Output by connecting the iPad to my MBP running mimoLive 6.4. Has any testing been done with mimoLive and Duet?



I do this all the time just using screen mirroring and mimolive full screen output. iPad can be tethered or wireless.

Using the “Duet” program? I’m already sending a Program Output to a video projector, and am looking to create a 2nd Project Output that would go to the iPad.

Use whatever you main path for program out is. Mine in the screen shot is a black magic ultrastudio.

Connect your iPad to your Mac with a cable. The Mac should see it as screen mirror option. Make sure it is set to extend.

Add another output to Mimo, this time choose “Fullscreen”. Your iPad will come up as a screen,

Before you use Duet, MacOS now has a pretty great “use the iPad as an external monitor” feature itself.