Drop Shadow for Text

What am I doing wrong - loved how I could create drop shadow with current standard version - but in Beta it just seems to but color for text box no the text - am I missing something - current standard version it is straight forward to create drop shadow - but I just can’t create drop shadow for text in Beta

There seem to be a lot of problems with Text so far in the beta. The fact that the Shadow feature merely duplicates what the Background feature does, rather than shadowing the actual text as in v5, is one. Nor can I work out what the Strength box does. Nothing yet, as far as I can see.
I have already pointed out to the devs that there is no opacity feature for Background yet. I am sure they are working on all these glitches!
You should report all the issues you are finding via the Beta Feedback link within the app.

You are correct - at the moment the shadow is applied to the box - but I will change that soon, so that the shadow is applied to the text.

I know Peter is working on the “glitches” with adding and modifiying Text. Working in the Options sub-menu of the Text section, borders and shadows apply to the text BOX, not the text itself. BUT – pressing Cmd-Shift-F (or going to the main Menu under Edit > Format > Show Fonts) will bring up the Apple Fonts text formatting window where everything expected can be applied JUST TO THE TEXT ITSELF. It has always been a little awkward using this feature ever since Apple included it as a built-in function to the System, but it does work, and has worked in the beta versions.