Drop 'n Drag

For some reason I cannot seem to drag images from Apple Photo into FM 5.1, or for that matter into 5.2 Beta. Am I missing something?

An Update…Boinx Support says:

“You can’t add images directly from Photos application on the Storyboard. Mostly because of how Photos handles the preview. You may export Photos images by selecting them in the app, then choose File - Export - Export _ photos. You can then save them in a folder on your local drive. Those you can add via drag-n-drop from Finder on the storyboard.”

There you have it!

Just as an aside, and I know everyone has their own way of doing things, but whenever I create a slideshow I also create a NEW FOLDER for it, and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, associated with that slideshow goes in that folder. Any photos that might be found within Photos, or Lightroom, or wherever, are copied (somewhere into the slideshow folder). I even do that with all music tracks. That way I can move the entire project anywhere I want and still have access to all the parts that contribute to the show. It just seems to make sense to me to work that way.

stantastic…Thanks for the sage advice. I am a rank beginner with both slide shows and FM. I have been exploring, and starting to put some trial shows together. And, given that I have already received the deathlike window saying that FM can’t find some of the images, placing all the components of a given slideshow in one folders sounds like wise advice. Thanks.