Drag and Drop between Documents

So I know I can drag/drop layers from document to document, but I can’t seem to drag/drop Layer Sets. Is there are reason this hasn’t been implemented?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lorcott The Layer Sets represent a state of the Layer Stack and unless the stack is identical, it doesn’t seem to make sense to copy it to another document. But it is kind of intriguing to think about being able to copy a Layer Set and all the layers it would set to “live” to another document… Something worth considering. Thanks for the request.

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I would use it as a template for my newer show. The layers that I dragged over would be addressed in the LAYER SET and any NULL/non-applicable layers could be deleted manually.


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BTW, just finished a show where this feature would have been helpful. However, the fact that I can drag layers between shows has sped up my workflow tremendously…thanks!!!