Download older version 5.6.14

I need to download the version 5.6.14 as mine as become corrupt, I cannot find on Boinx website where one can do this. I would upgrade to the latest version 6, but I do not want to pay subscriptions as this is totally uneconomical for me.

Here ist the latest version:
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Hi @nostrebor1 In terms of economical, this depends on how often you use FotoMagico. Did you know that you can buy a monthly subscription only for the time you want to create or change a slideshow? If you just want to play the slideshow, this can be done without a license in Player only mode. For most people that makes it the most economical option.

Oliver, I have used Fotomagico professionally for over a decade as an artist (see example New Natural Bodies video 1080px - YouTube) and as an annual family album, widely distributed. I have always willingly paid for my updates, but subscriptions are not suitable for me, even with your suggestion. I will carry on using V5.6.14 until its becomes unusable with new Mac OS. I was also a 30 year user of Adobe Suite, but ditched it for the alternative ‘no subscription’ Affinity Suite. I assume I will have to eventually do the same with Fotomagico, a real shame as over a decade of use its become embedded with me.