"Double Click to Edit"

I’m really stumped as to how to create/edit a text block in Version 6! Instructions say “double click to edit” but just doesn’t work for me! Truth is, I did finally create a text box but not share how I did it? Thanks for your tips!

I was trying to replicate what you posted, and things were working as expected – but then I realized I was running v6.1.3. So I tried using the newly released v6.1.4 and discovered that YOU ARE CORRECT! If you click on the “Add Text” button the “Double Click to Edit” text block appears on a new layer in the Storyboard or Timeline, but IT DOESN’T APPEAR ON THE STAGE.

The only way I can get the text to appear is to click on ANOTHER SLIDE to select it, and then click back on the original slide containing the new text layer. THEN it appears and can be edited.

That’s not the way it should work and needs to be fixed.

Thanks for picking up on this! Maybe they have changed something? Hope you find a clarification or FIX! CU on FB?

Try this: Goto system preferences on your Mac, select the mouse icon, lower the double click setting and try again to edit the " double-click to edit" text input. This worked for me and I couldn’t believe such a simple setting made the difference. Good luck to all those that have been clicking …

I just posted this on a parallel thread:

Thanks, digitalsnapper, but a bit late on your response – this was fixed almost immediately in the next version, FM 6.1.5, and works as expected in the latest FM 6.2.1.

Besides, adjusting the double-click setting in the System Prefs might be a temporary workaround, but that affects your mouse settings globally, which most users would not want to mess with if they’re comfortable with a quicker double-click response.