Doesn't work in Fullscreen mode in Chrome

Hello @Oliver_Boinx I’m using MousePosé 4.2, everything was great until I did the upgrade to Ventura. It doesn’t work anymore in fullscreen. Do you have any plans to support Ventura ? Thanks

HI @Victor_BAHL Thanks for the heads up! I don’t use full screen mode much, so I missed this. We will investigate. Of course, we plan to support it if possible.

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@Oliver_Boinx Full screen mode is a big requirement for my presentations and unfortunately after the Ventura update i’m no longer to use it in fullscreen mode. This is also impacting many of my coworkers. Would you be able to kindly advise on an ETA of when Ventura will be supported?

Hi @Edward_Tong I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We will soon be releasing an update early next week. Thanks for your patience.

Hi all,

I think I found a workaround for the issue. Instead of entering full screen through FN + F, click the green expansion screen at the top right of Chrome. Ensure the “Always show Bookmarks bar” and such settings in the View menu are turned off.

Let me know if this worked for anyone else.

Mouseposé 4.3 has been released:

@Oliver_Boinx thanks so much for quickly prioritizing this fix!
Can confirm that version 4.3 has fixed the issue!