Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate MimoLive?

I dont know why facebook and Mimolive has these problems at alllllllll. My love for Mimolive is really making me despise Facebook.


The problem is that Facebook uses mostly bots to interact with developers. And they have insane policies in place that do not at all apply to mimoLive but are enforced without discretion.

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@Oliver_Boinx Do you believe that the “anonymous” comments issue will ever be addressed by Facebook? I think about it every time I go live on both YouTube and Facebook. The workaround you’ve provided a while ago is fine, but it’s definitely not convenient… plus, broadcasters don’t have (and most likely will never have) full layout control over comments that received from Facebook. :confused: Thanks in advance!

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@profgustavoreis ive been waiting on that fix forever because the workaround is lacking alot. only a certain amount of comments show up that are selectable. in an event where answers or questions are coming in rapidly, they will be lost, im not allowed to get them back once theyve disappeared from the comments box.