Documentation for streaming to YT needs update, many of the links are broken

I’m trying to get YouTube streaming going after years of not doing it… the documentation has a bunch of links at the top of the page to other pages within the mimoLive documentation and they are all broken :frowning:

Once you’ve made sure your channel allows live streaming, follow the procedure below to schedule up a live stream in YouTube Studio, set up a Live Streaming destination in mimoLive and start your stream.

I have a test run scheduled for my team in two hours and this really adds to the pressure not having the documentation to fall back on!

Hi @Alastair1 Thanks for the note about the links. They only link to sections further down the page so if you read on you should be fine. I just checked the page and it seems it is still valid. Just used it yesterday.

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thanks, I was panicking, Oliver! I wasn’t able to connect to YouTube using the standard mimoLive account method but I was able to use the RTMP Server fall back method pretty much it worked straight away (other than slow connection issues which are my broadband connection and my M1 mini only having 8 GB).

Tests went well, but mimoLive was having issues getting the data out of my macMini fast enough, not sure if it was the connection here (WiFi and then Australian fibre to the curb garbage which usually gives me about 12 Mbps up and 50 Mbps down.

mimoLive crashed after about 2 hours of streaming during tests. I did have problems with people not being able to use mimoCall with older laptops and recent work laptops that I suspect had software firewalls blocking the streaming because one of the participants couldn’t even watch the you tube LIVE stream even though she could watch normal you tube video on demand from this device. One participate was able to connect to mimoCall when using the older version of the browser software (option at start of call).

I sent crash report to Achim already. Have no idea why It crashed but was during fiddling with peoples mimoCall setups and showing them how to share their screens and everything. mimoLive reporter worked really well though, no headaches for me or the other person running it. rest of them were Android, or wanted to use laptops so they could share their screens.

Tipp: Push mimoLive into debug-mode, and make hidden sources visible… With this you‘re able to control which (planned) stream is picked. If there are not more than 3 streams planned, it works fine.

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