Disable default animation & interactive mode

I’m currently trialling FM6 - great fun!

But I seem to be missing some obvious things: I’m working on a show which would be all interactive. But I can’t figure out how to tell FM not to add an animation on each image I add. I always have to configure each photo not to move to the next slide etc. What am I missing?

You’re kinda talking about two things here – 1) NOT wanting to add an animation on each image that you add, and 2) NOT wanting to move to the next slide. Those are two independent actions.

The easiest way to fix the animation of slides (after you’ve already placed them into the timeline) so that they DON’T animate is to select ALL the slides you want to operate on in the Timeline (just click and drag over all of them), then go to the Options panel on the right, click on the right-facing arrow besides the Slide sub-section (at the top) to display the Slide options, then DE-SELECT the Animation Enabled button. That turns animation off.

Now, before you do anything else (and to fix your second problem), click on the drop down menu next to Continue and choose Interactive. That causes the slide show to stop at the end of each slide and wait for a mouse click or the press of the right-arrow key.

If you’re setting up a new slideshow, go to the main menu Slideshow > Animation Assistant… and drag the Animation Speed circle all the way to the left (slow) and be sure that you have all of the Pan and Zoom boxes un-checked.

Does that help solve your problem?

I think you’ve posted this before, didn’t you? I searched for an answer but had hoped I had misunderstood the other request… So this seems to be a real limitation? I can’t insert a photo without having to change these parameters after the insertion?

I did change the Animation Assistant defaults. Likely thanks to another of your postings - thanks!

If you set up the Animation Assistant defaults BEFORE you create a show to NOT Pan or Zoom (that is, uncheck them), then NO, you don’t have to make changes AFTER you bring in all of your slides.

For the Continue > Interactive option, YES, you will have to make those changes on a slide-to-slide basis AFTER inserting them into the show. But selecting all those slides at once and making the change is still very easy to do.

Got it, thank you very much!