Disable certain sources from playthrough

I would like to know if there is a way to disable certain sources from playthrough. For example I would like to turn off the play through of my main microphone after a sound check so that I do not hear the slightly delayed sound of my own voice while live streaming while maintaining the microphone output in the stream and all other sources in both stream and playthrough. If this isn’t possible I would like to request it as a feature.

@Stimpy Thanks for using mimoLive and taking the time to let us know of your feature request. We’re working on improvements to the audio mixer and I will forward your request to engineering for further evaluation.

@Stimpy As a side note, you can reduce the delay you are hearing by setting mimoLive’s audio buffer size to a lower value in the preferences. This will reduce the overall audio I/O latency. 64 samples, for example, will sound pretty instantaneous but also puts a higher work load on your CPU which in turn can cause issues with the audio rendering. Obviously, faster machines will cope better with that than slower ones. So, be sure to test your streaming setup thoroughly before making use of that option in production.

That said, monitoring submixes that let you remove certain audio sources from the program audio output are definitely on our wish list.

Thank you for the fast responses! Reducing the audio latency has helped, but it is still very distracting to hear myself in the playthrough. Any time estimate on when the changes to monitoring submixes could be expected would be much appreciated.

@Stimpy I can’t give you an ETA for monitoring submixes but I can say that you probably should keep tabs on the upcoming betas.

@Stimpy The newest beta version of mimoLive supports a monitoring submix that lets you mute layers, among other things. You can configure it by choosing “Configure Monitor Mix” from the context menu that you get by clicking on the monitor gear icon in the program out view.

Let us know how this fits your needs or if you run into any problems.

YES! This is awesome. I can now use Audio Hijack to route my Rode NT USB microphone directly to my headphones and remove the latency altogether. You guys rock!

See it in action here: https://www.facebook.com/troydean73/videos/10153978147643325/

So far this is working great guys! I love that I can control my mix right from within mimoLive without having to listen to my own voice in the monitor now.