Dev Environment

Hi all.

I wanted to ask you how you are running your tests ?

I mean, I’ve made lot of layers, but I don’t know how to use some API keys when I’m in Quartz Composer ?

May be you don’t make your layers and sources in QC ?

Thanks by advance for your answers.

Up ! (I’s really important for me)

@DaBv I assume you are talking about API keys for Twitter for example?

Actually I use the undocumented “Log” patch in QuartzComposer to log the API keys inside mimoLive to the system console. The API keys are stored in the Key Chain and are unreadable. I guess there is no other way to get access to them. Then I copy the logged keys to the QuartzComposer editor to the appropriate input fields to develop the layer in QuartzComposer. After development I make sure to remove the log patches and debugging noodles.

Does this help?

BTW: It would be interesting to see your layers! :slight_smile:

Hey ! Thanks for your response !

I was talking about many Web API, like Twitter, Twitch …

I use the input as shown in the MiMo Doc, so when I import it into mimo, it’s (generally) work, but when I developp my layer, I’m blind …

You use Log Patch ? I don’t have it, it’s natively in QC ?

It would be a pleasure to show you my Layers, but I’m a little bit shy and I want to be sure of my work before show it ^^

Oh, and I’m trying to work with a Web API, that need a Oauth2 auth, with Bearer token, and, because it was too simply, a token that expires … Have a you some recommandations ? A way to follow ? Because I don’t know how to use cUrl in QC, and the Oauth patch you bring to us don’t work with Oauth2 :frowning:

Anyway, thanks a lot for your response !