Desperate! - Help with Transition timings ....

I am doing a large slideshow, to celebrate a friend who has died, and am up against time.

Is there a way of selecting multiple slides and changing the transition timing on a large number in one fail swoop, rather than one by one. I am getting and exclamation mark, saying that a lot of the slides, the transition time is too long, and I want to shorten them, rather than one by one = when I click on the options (with multiple selected) - the timing for transitions disappears.

Am I selecting them wrong, or missing something. Urgent need help as funeral in a few days !! - thanks in advance. Debs

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It should work, as you described. Select all of the slides in question. Just like a normal selection on the Mac, select one slide, hold down the shift key, and select the last slide. Every slide inclusive should be selected. Go to the Options tab, and in the Transition section, click in the little box to the right of the Duration slider. You can then set the duration and they will ALL take on that value. YOU CANNOT SET THE TRANSITION DURATION LONGER THAN THE DURATION THAT THE SLIDE IS TO APPEAR. If any of the slides in the group have a duration SHORTER than the transition duration you are trying to set, the time you typed in will be replaced by the shortest slide duration time, and your transition time that you wanted will not be accepted.

Also, if when you say “the timing for transitions disappears” I’m assuming you mean the box turns “empty” (actually, there is a little gray “-” in it). That means that ALL of the durations are not the same for that group of slides you have selected. (The duration box can’t display more than one duration, so if there are different values, it just goes “empty.”)

Hope that helps…