Depth effect?

What do you call the effect that gives the photos a sense of moving depth for example in the demo program starting at 3m21s photos 48-53 all have a layer above them with a duplicated foreground and the background greyed out. What is this process/ effect called and can it be done in Fotomagica 5 or do you need the pro version or do you need to do it in say photoshop and then bring them into fotomagica 5 which just handles the motion? Thanks.

@Barryt315 Thank you for checking out FotoMagico. The effect is called 2.5D and is indeed created using a combination of FotoMagico and Photoshop. The images are separated in Photoshop to create the depth layers, then imported into FotoMagico to create the animation. This is done by animating the layers in different speeds.