Demoing iPad apps with BoinxTV

Erika Sadun is trying for an inexpensive alternative (but analog) here:

Thanks for the pointer. That solution should work as well.

I must say the only way to go is to Jail Break your iPad and use iDemo!

We used that before but the framerate is much less than using the HDMI solution. And it adds some extra CPU usage to the device. Doesn't matter for most uses but e.g. for games it isn't the best solution.

I Agree...I should of Said its a cheaper solution. The VGA2USB and Matrox MXO 2 are just a little pricey for the Hobby Screencaster! Although i think i will buy one anyway! ;)

What happened to the video that used to be here? It has been replaced with a single screen shot.

I realize the links are not easy to spot and we will fix this with the next redesign, but was this the one you were looking for?

where is the video?

There is a link above to the original recording in the text above:

The one thing i always appreciated about apple is there compatibility.

thanks for posting.