demo movie white frame

I have tried to create the white frame as in the demo using Pixelmator. I cannot get the image to conform to the correct aspect ratio. I can get the width correct but the height is always just short and I have tried various heights. Is there a tutorial somewhere or advice.

Hi, rondo –

I looked at the demo – again :wink: – and I think you’re talking about the wedding photography section, correct? That’s the only part that shows white frames. First of all, there are no white “frames” around the photos – the entire demo slide show was made with a black background (see Slideshow > Settings > Background Color). Since only ONE color (or background image) can be chosen for the entire slideshow, for the case of the wedding photos, a white image was imported on the bottom layer that filled the entire working area. The photos that “appear” to have frames are simply sized so the white area is exposed on their edges. In some cases, though, a white “bar” is used as a separator between images – useful when there is animation of one (or more) images and you don’t want it to show on the edges (an explanation of that becomes complicated, so I’d suggest you open the demo and examine what’s going on!)

There IS another option if you want to manually place a white frame around one of your images, though – and that’s simple. Select the image, then in the Image sub-section of the Options sidebar, you’ll find “Border” – click on the black rectangle to bring up a color changer and change the color to white (or any color you want). Then enter the frame width in the box to the right of the slider. If you rotate or zoom the photo, the width of the border stays the same.

I’ve already submitted a suggestion to Boinx about offering “guide rules” on the layout. For instances like this, where you want consistent width (or spaces) between photos, having SNAP-TO guides would come in very handy when you DON’T want to apply a “frame” to a photo, but you want an exposed area around the photo to be the same for other photos from slide to slide.