Delay Show Start

For a particular project, I would like to be able to delay the show start on Command+R, long enough to play a countdown animation stating, “Recording in 3,2,1”.

Also, triggering another “Recording Ended” animation on show stop would be good.

Any ideas?

OK; I got it figured out!

I set the show start delay to 5 seconds in the Show Settings. Then by triggering the show start and the countdown animation simultaneously, it works out. I did have to make my countdown animation slightly less than five seconds so the recording wouldn’t catch any of it. I also set the countdown animation layer trigger to ‘Off On End Trigger’ because I’m using the same remote button to start and stop the show, and I don’t want this animation to play again at the end of the show.

The “Recording Complete” animation layer, I set to “Live On End Trigger” so that it plays as soon as the show is over.