Dear Boinx

Thank you for your email introducing me to this newly re-opened forum. I read and understand your reasons for closing the forum. When was that, by the way?

I also kind of understand why you have opened it up again. Actually, from your mention of Facebook and Twitter I get the feeling you don’t want to be behind the times or be left out, and that you are putting a brave face on it and trying the forum again - although at bottom it is not really something you are looking forward to with relish.

I may be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time) but that is the feeling I got.

OK, all that is just intro. The thing that got me was this line:

“Enjoy - and remember to behave according to accepted social standards. ;-)”

You invite me, I who knows nothing about your past tribulations with the forum, and then tell me to behave properly!


Oliver seems to view his mailing list as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. If you’re announcing a happy new forum, you don’t IMO ruin the buzz by ignoring the doctors to talking to the misters. Especially since misters act up more when they’re talked to. Most of them are, after all, seeking attention. Why give it to them?

And I’m not sure telling artistic types to kowtow to “accepted social standards” is a winning move.

I had a little trouble riding along with Quill’s thesis, but he may be right. Oliver seems very ambivalent about this forum, and perhaps about folks in general.

[So far I don’t see a check box to be notified when a reply has been made. So it goes…]

I guess I forgot to remember that instead of talking to hundreds of thousands, it really feels like I am addressing you personally. Of course, I did not mean to imply past bad behavior. My apologies for that. I thought that instead of putting up a 30 page legal document entitled “Terms and conditions” I would just remind everybody real nice to behave and leave the rest to common sense. I am glad you found your way here anyways.

@unklchuck If you go to your account settings, you can configure the notifications for messages.

You can also simply click on the star-icon in the threads overview or on top of a thread to get notified…

I have been a loyal customer for some time and I must say, anytime I have run up against a problem…your staff has come thru with greatly need advise and suggestions. All except once. That was with the previous version of FotoMagico and Toast 10 not working together. I did everything as suggested and still was never able to burn a DVD. Both your staff and Toast said “nothing wrong with our software, must be with …” Then with the new FotoMagico and Toast 11…no problems! I couldn’t find any other software that I would consider using for multiple reasons, and it took over 6 months to get a solution that worked, money and new programs. But still I believe your FotoMagico software is the best available on the market for Macs. And yes…I too am looking for some new effects and a simple way to time music tracks.


Thank you Oliver.

And that’s good to know, Rudolf, about the star-icon :slight_smile: