Dappearing font and a request

This is a repeat as I had entered this discussion in General instead of here in Fotomagico.

When I opened a slide show I created a couple of years ago - this week for no apparent reason, the font I had used has changed to a standard block font. The font I used is still in my computer and can be used in other apps but now it isn’t on the drop down list of fonts within FM. I also created this same slide show with the 3.8 version of FM for use on my laptop and it is stored side by side with the 4.5 version on this computer as well as on my laptop. I played both versions on this computer. The 3.8 version plays with the original font, the 4.5 version has imposed a replacement block font.
Why has this happened? Can I restore a font within FM? The font was Monotype corsova.

The request - As I am now having to edit in a new font on the 4.5 version, it would be especially helpful if there were grid lines (not the two yellow centering ones) to help position the text more accurately especiall when blending from one image to another. If not a grid then co-ordinates.
Another request - Helpful with editing - is it possible to store which font was used and its size. If I haven’t written it down, I have to go searching in the font book.


if the FotoMagico Font panel doesn’t list the font, it is not in the system. The font panel in FotoMagico is the OS X font panel, that lists all available fonts.

The font and its size are stored and re-used if the font is present.

The grid idea is pretty good, I’ll add this to the feature request list, thanks.

Thanks - I have found the font and can re-edit but it does not explain why the text changed itself for no reason!
Pleased about the possible grid. It would be very helpful.

PS It would also be useful if the font name, style and its size were stored with the slide.

Cross posting here and on the “Feature Requests” section – having user-placed grid lines (that can be pulled from rulers along the left and top of the work space), along with the ability to place and resize rectangles and shapes in the workspace based on user-supplied dimensions, would be a great help for those of us who want to match various object sides, tops, bottoms, etc. to a more exacting standard. I have submitted such a request before.