Damned audio markers

Every time I drop music ito a video it add markers automaticly and messes up my work and have to go and retime the clips/images. I went into preferences and selected do not linl audio to slides but that did not work. Anyway to prevent this

Sorry for the troubles. I have alerted engineering to take a look.

I assume that you dragged music from the “Snippets” browser into your slideshow. All the music from the Snippets browser contains audio markers, and thus automatically adjust your slideshow to match the beat of the music. You have two options to avoid this:

  1. Don’t use the music from the snippets browser (which always contains markers), but drag audio files (mp3 or m4a) from the “Audio” browser or the Finder. Since these do not contain any markers, they do not modify the timing of your slideshow.

  2. If you want to use the supplied music from the “Snippets” browser, I suggest that you drag it into an empty slideshow document first, and remove all the markers with the help of the “Audio Marker Assistant”. There go to the “Custom” panel and click on the “Delete” button. Then you can drag the Audio from this document to your original slideshow document.

Option 2 is of course a workaround for automatic authoring convenience behavior that is desired in most cases, just not in your case.

Hope this helps.

P.S. “Link audio to slides” has nothing to do with markers, but controls whether audio stays with the slides above them, when slides are inserted or deleted before them.