DaCast stream quality issues


Recently I streamed on Youtube at a public event and had my broadcast blocked due to music copyright issues.
So I have looked into DaCast for an alternative and to try it out so I can embed it on my website.
I entered the RTMP info and went live.
The quality was shocking and I quickly changed to Youtube and had a great broadcast.
Trying to rectify the issue with DaCast staff.

Question: (may sound stupid, their question not mine).
Is Mimolive capable of streaming at 720p? They’re saying 520p works.
My connection is 30Mb/s consistently.

Cheers, Aaron

@“Aaron Maguire” Thanks for using mimoLive!

It’s a bit puzzling. If you use the same encoding settings (specifically the dimensions and bitrate) the quality should be the same. However, you should consider that what you see might be reduced quality due to the video being re-encoded into several different streams and you might have seen a low bandwidth stream for whatever reason.

What settings are you using for YouTube?

My feeling is that DaCast wants slightly different encoding settings so that their service works best. 520p sounds quite low quality, is it a typo?

We normally stream to YouTube and Facebook in 1080p but mimoLive can certainly also do 720p although that is lower resolution which should look less good.