New user - I feel stupid but I cannot find out how to delete portions of an audio track (beginning, middle, etc)and then do the fade in and outs on the remaining sections. Is there somewhere that explains this? Also, my audio track does not show the waveforms like some demos I have seen. Is PRO worth another $50 or can most everything be done on the standard?
Thanks in advance.
Wally (newby)

This should be an easy question to anybody that has created slideshows with this program.


Yes it is. Diss you have a look the the FM Manual e.g.[]=audio&s[]=track

Thanks Willyman.
Yes I did read the manual and in spots I found it pretty damned confusing. I went to the page you gave me and it seems like you need Pro for many of my issues. Do you use Pro? Worth it? Quote from user’s manual:
Please note that the Timeline mode - and all the features it makes possible - is only available in FotoMagico Pro.

Even with Pro I did not see how to do what I asked assistance with in my original post.

@pocotoo Thanks for using FotoMagico. I’m sorry that it isn’t easy enough to find the info you needed. We have many happy Pro users, so it is worth upgrade!

It’s not easy to do what you want, but you can import the track multiple times and set the in and out point for each copy. This is quite tedious of course, so it may be easier to edit the audio track outside of FotoMagico and time the slides to the audio using audio markers.