Cut & Edit Audio track

I have Fotomagico 5.4 Is there a way to cut & edit the audio track I have added to my slides?

I have the same question: where to find written or video TUTORIALS on how to edit my audio track. E.g, trim the end, or better yet, copy 5 seconds of the end of the track and move it 1 min. back into the middle of the video. Thanks to anyone with links to where to get this info. Couldn’t find on this forum or google search or YouTube video search.

I have the same question as BoBo.

…and me!

To set the in and out point of an audio item do the following:

  • Select the audio item in the timeline you want to adjust
  • Select the “Options” panel in the lower right corner to view the options for the audio item above.
  • In the options panel find the “Audio” section
  • Here you can adjust the in and out point with the “Range” parameters.

If the triangle slider knobs don’t give your the fine control you need you can enter the time code in the drop down menu right next to the Range area.

Does this work for you?

It does work, so thanks. But why doesn’t the front crop work like the end crop? It is inconsistent. So to crop the end, you drag the end. To crop the front, you go to a side panel, drag a disconnected control. Hmm. That feels 1986 clunky. So if Achim is listening, why not treat the start and end the same? Why not just drag the front (with option key down, or something) to move the “in” point of the audio? That would be more logical. It is what I tried 50 times before searching for this forum answer.

Off the track, but while I am railing - why can’t I fade over more than one slide? Why make the audio fade slide-dependent? Just let me fade it in as I fade another out over whatever stretch of time I see fit, regardless of the slide length. The two should be independent.

I have a similar question regarding how to edit individual video clips within the Fotomagico timeline.

Robert: this thread has lain dormant for 4 years. Besides, your question is about video clips, whilst this thread is about audio. You should start a new thread. Good luck.

You can fade over one slide. I know this is four years later, but maybe you are still monitoring the thread!