Customize Split Screen Geometry?

Is it possible to customize Split Screen’s geometry? I see the Geometry label there, but it’s empty for me.

I have one camera source where the person is not center-aligned (And that’s good for full-screen views for us), and I’d like to adjust split screen view to capture the right part of their frame.

Hi Dave,

Good to see you here.

Two things you could do:

  1. Set up your own screen layout matching the Splitscreen using several layers.
  2. Use the “Face Tracking” filter on the source to keep the person centered.

The Geometry section shouldn’t be there. It’s probably an unintentional leftover from development.

But! It is an excellent point and I will see if we can add x/y inset for the sources.

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Thanks, @Oliver_Boinx! Face Tracking would certain work around it, at the cost of CPU time. That’s a cool filter. :slight_smile:

Is there any other filter that would let me manually accomplish that without engaging “real time” Face Tracking?

Additionally, your multi-layer setup actually makes perfect sense, especially now that I’m beginning to understand how geometry works on a Placer layer, for example. Fun stuff!