Creating a slideshow with high resolution photos

I am a wedding designer/planner on a mission to create a slideshow for my perspective clients to be viewed on an HDTV.
I purchased FM and have created the slideshow, complete with music, but when the files are sized down (as I am prompted to do) they of course lose their resolution when burned to a DVD and played back on an HDTV.

Do I have to resize, or can the slideshow be created with large high resolution files?
Will I get better results going directly from the computer to the TV via an HDMI cable?
Will burning to a Blu-Ray make a difference?

I’ve worked on this for days. Please help!!

Denise at Wed 101
Calhoun, GA

Hi, Denise –

If you play back your slide show right off your computer you’ll have the BEST quality you can possibly have. In fact, if you show clients your slideshow while they sit at the computer, it doesn’t get any better than that! Directly from the computer to an HDTV via and HDMI cable works just as well. Personally, I still don’t own a Blu-Ray burner, and I have yet to see a FotoMagico presentation on Blu-Ray, but from what I have heard, it’s the next best thing for image quality.

I have had some experience creating QT movies, either creating them to show from my computer, importing to iDVD or Toast for burning, or sending them as data files to friends so they can watch on their computers (Mac or PC). In all cases, burning to DVD results in a loss of image quality – unfortunately, there’s just no way around it.

@Denise: In addition to the comment by @stantastic: If you burn a data DVD you can put any kind of video codecs and qualities on it but it won’t play back with a standard DVD player. In opposite to that video DVDs has got a certain video codec which can be played back by all the DVD players but has a poor quality compared to what you get on the computer screen. BlueRay has got a much higher quality but also needs a special BlueRay player for playing back.

Hello Denise, I too build Fotomagico Presentations for clients such as Memorial Presentations for funeral homes and Vacation Presentations for others. As mentioned already the absolute best is making a stand alone Fotomagico Presentation and then shown on a HD TV by way of HDMI from my MacBook Pro. We have set this up at funerals and that works beautifully. Of course family members ask for copies so since while making the presentation in a stand alone 1080P Presentation I also at that time make a HD Quicktime file too. I then import this Quicktime file into Mac’s IDVD and set the file to 720P and burn it. Since it is a standard DVD though the resolution is less than Blu-Ray but when I playing these DVDs on a newer DVD player that uprezes it looks quite good.

See, I don’t have a Blu-Ray player at home, nor one of the newer up-res’g DVD players, so I don’t have any experience with either of those. Gee, I wish I were rich enough to buy all these toys :wink: