Create Screenshot of Output


Probably I’m looking in the wrong place in the tool: how can I can create a screenshot of the output picture (in the richt resolution)?

What I try to achive is: we have a camera on a tripod: I want to capture the picutre of the camera. Put in in lightroom and create a black and whichte image by tracing the borders of some objects to create a tranparency map which I can use on the video picture from which I did start.

Thanks for any tipps

Ok. Just when I hit send I realized that I could maybe get it from a short recorded sequence: and yes: in QuickTime: just press command + c and you get a perfect copy of the image you see.

Still if there is an option im Mimo Live would be nice to know it but the Quicktime solution is a solution for the time being.

I use use Syphon Recorder: It has a Snapshot button.

@pbel Sounds like an interesting project for a “Custom Layer” in mimoLive! Either you can try yourself to create a custom layer in Apples Quartz Composer to implement the video capture and processing to your transparent map image yourself so that this would run directly in mimoLive (shouldn’t be to hard) or you can hire us to create one for you!

Anyways, the nice solution from @wetcircuit requires that you put a “Syphon Sender” layer on top of your layer stack in mimoLive. See for details.