Create graphic line

I want to insert a graphic line between two lines of text.
Is this not possible in FM6?
VG kubalibre

What do you mean by a “graphic line”?

Creating text in FM is the same as creating text in almost every other application. The text is contained in a text “block” and formatted using the appropriate text formatting tools. If you’re talking about “embedding” some type of graphic (meaning a .jpg or .png file) within the text block, then no, you can’t do that. You’d have to create the entire text block in something like Photoshop, place the graphic between the lines of text, save it out as a .jpg (or .png) file, and then place it onto a slide just like any other image.

The other option, of course, is to just create either a single text block with enough space between the lines, place it on the slide, and then place the image between the lines of text on another layer. Or, create two separate text blocks with the required space between them, and again place the image between them.

Hi @kubalibre Could you please post an example screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve?