Create custom mimoCall Links

Ever wish you could create mimoCall links before you set up your project?

Have you ever thought that the mimoCall links are too random?

Do you wish that the links looked more professional or aligned with your branding better?

Over the past few months, I’ve been creating URL shortlinks/redirects for all call-ins and it has worked super well.

I use my own domain name with the following structure, but you could do whatever works best for you:

  • organizationname = the organization or company I’m working with — I limit this to something short (one word) or an acronym
  • speakername = the name of the speaker — I set this to either their first or last name

I use WordPress and the free version of Pretty Links to redirect my custom links to the unique mimoCall link.

While this does become a multiple step process that takes more time, I find there to be many more advantages that are well worth the time:

  • I can create and email out the links before creating the mimoLive project or mimoCall sources
  • I can disable or change the redirect link without the caller knowing
  • If a caller is having an issue connecting in, I just tell them to click on the link in the email/document again—no need to redistribute new links
  • You don’t need to worry about weird mimoCall links. I have received so many questions from people asking why I gave them a mildly offensive link. Before I started sending custom links, I would often refresh the link 10-25 times before finding an appropriate mimoCall ID that I was comfortable including in an email alongside someone’s name. You don’t need to worry about this anymore because the links are so clean and professional. (@Oliver_Boinx — have you considered switching from the current mimoCall naming structure and just moving to numbers and/or letters?)

I thought I’d share this as it has really helped streamline my workflow.

Please share any other recommendations/thoughts/ideas!


Nice solution to create custom links. With custom links it makes it easier to recognize for who it is. Makes more sense. Create idea.

Hi @Scottw Thanks for sharing your solution and for the feedback.

Yes, we have considered using standard letter/number random sequences, but they have a big disadvantage: If you can’t just copy/paste them but have to transmit them verbally, it’s hard to do.

The current system gives us millions of unique variations that aren’t easy to guess or to iterate programmatically but can be transmitted by voice if necessary.

Honestly, I never imagined people could feel offended by a URL, but if that is so, we will of course have to re-evaluate the scheme and/or dictionary.

A new scheme will be available tonight.

@ Scottw great solution… I too have faced questions about the 3 word scheme from clients… and have found myself hitting reload multiple times so that the three word combination is as innocuous as possible. Looking forward to a new scheme!

Yes! This is so much better!

Thank you for your quick response!


URGENT @Oliver_Boinx

I already set up a show with several mimocalls links already shared with the guests for future use in the next days.
Will they work fine as usual, or anything changed as I’m seeing the new links in the post above?

The old call IDs will still work. The new scheme only applies for newly generated call IDs.

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thank you Achim,
are you going to offer a choice for the user regarding the two options?

also, the custom option would be great as well! I already mentioned this to Oliver and I hope you are going to consider offering customizable mimocall links :slight_smile:

Hi @fermento Glad you like the new scheme. We might bring the old scheme back as an option.

For custom URLs, I suggest to use rebrandly or similar services.

Great new feature! :smiley:
I use a custom URL shortener written in PHP that runs on my server (YOURLS) so that I can send mimoCall links that are easy to write down (such as Sometimes, however, these links lead to strange behaviors on iOS, especially if mimoLive Reporter is installed and depending on the browser of choice. In these situations, I end up asking guests to type the mimoCall ID into Reporter (after quite a journey: Configure → Stream Live → Add New Destination → mimoCall). In these cases, the old scheme is certainly better, although it would be even more if there were an option to choose the language used to generate the IDs! *hint *feature request
So, here’s a +1 for the option to choose the scheme!
All the best,