Create A Template

Is there a way to create a template from one of your slideshows in fotomagico so the next time all the images you insert into the slideshow have the same position, size and flow? That would make it a lot faster for new slideshows that we create if we want the same style for future slideshows.

This is not possible at the moment, but I’ll pass that on to the developers

@ fryedm:
Templates, very good suggestion! Could save a lot of time, once you developed your own style of slideshow. I fully support!

How about using xml for templates ? Both for saving an existing slideshow, and for creating a new one by authoring only some of the fields ?

This feature is on our to do list for the next major version of FotoMagico.

This is very important, Animoto are good but don’t offer HD on all their styles, Photodex is just too complicated and doesn’t allow you to save your creations as a template and sadly neither do you!!! I would have thought this would be a bare minimum…Hurry up :slight_smile: