Crash when applying audio clip

Hey community,
just started with 5.0b51(21746) and unfortunately cant get it running
Program crashes each time I am adding an audio clip to a very simple show of 4 pictures. I tried it 5 times and each time same reaction
Big frustration

Till now I have worked with version 3 and 4 since years very good. I tested just the same operation with 4.6.8(Rev 19890-F16488-R) and it worked perfectly

System I am using : MACBookPro mid 2010 with 8gByte Ram and 10.11.2 with an APPLE cinema HD Display

Fotomagico 50b51 still in nirvana, while I am writing this discussion input with Safari.
in the screenshot attached you can see the very very simple picture show and no audio clip visible even I have attached
(Sorry picture I am not able to attach :-(( )
Any idea???

I just opened the version running in 4.6.8 with version 50b51. IT opened and pictures and sound is visible. When applying a new audio clip it CRASHES again.
Any further info needed??

Hi: Having similar audio issues here with The Beta 5. Couldn’t get any type of audio file in there without crashing a billion times. No way, no how could I get an audio in there. I’m not sure how others were able to but, I was able to open the file in FM 4. Inserted the audio I needed then saved it. I then reopened it in Beta 5. Worked well. This might be a good go around until they fix it. Hope it helps you.

This problem persists in recent beta versions and still no one found solution nor answer.
I hope It will come soon!

New update 5.0b56 : still can not import audio. Worrying!

Cross posting here – I have been using FM 5 beta for months and don’t have any issues regarding the importing of audio.

hey statistic
you are living on another star.
Do not tell stories

Update 5.ob57 = IDEM

Update 5.0b58 = IDEM !!!
Maybe a solution on the future 5.0b59 or 5.0b60 ??? ;=D

Hi, Piefke – I’m living on Earth, unfortunately (wait, should I say that?) :wink: I really do have a working slide show using the latest beta and it contains 14 audio tracks, 388 slides, and 41 minutes long.

I still have this exact issue using the 5.ob58 on my 2009 MacBook Pro. I have 8gb of memory and am running El Capitan 10.11.3. I do not have any problems with the audio files on my 2012 iMac, also running El Capitan 10.11.3. It has 16 gb of memory. Both computers have the same programs on them and I’m using the same audio files testing each of the platforms. So Stantasitc, I would say there is an issue with the program on some machines.

Hi Ridgerider
I suspected that it was something like that!
I guess Boinx did tests on older Macs, improvements have been made to them. We will not change all the Macs for FotoMagico 5 !!!

With 5.0b58 the audio import crash still exists! Nothing changed since b55 and still no reaction from Boinx. I’d like to profit from the early bird offer but of course not for a software, where even the basics do not work. OK, I know, it’s a beta, but there were so many comments about this bug, so at least any reaction from Boinx would be helpfull. I hope, it’s getting better in the future. I am using an iMac with MacOS 10.11.3.
Best, Karl

Karl, unfortunately this sound file issue has existed in some platforms since FM5 beta came out. I don’t think Boinx has ever acknowledged the issue, much less addressed it. IMHO, Boinx is a small company with too many products they are trying to produce and maintain. There has been a long-standing issue with their iStop Motion and iStop Camera applications not communicating with each other. You can no longer use the iPad with iStop Motion. They now have a beta out for this, but it did not correct the problem. That is why I quit using iStop Motion and switched to a much more feature laden program called DragonFrame, albeit it is a much more expensive program.
For the same reasons, I use ProShow Producer for all my important slideshows due to it’s many features, but it also is much more expensive and you must to have Windows loaded on your Mac. Don’t get me wrong, I like Boinx products, when they work. They make strictly Mac programs, so they are very Mac orientated and not very complex. It’s just I wish I could rely on them to continue to work as Apple updates their operating systems.

The new version beta 59 allows now import of audio files normally.
Enjoy !