Crash on Load - macOS Ventura

Hi - I was working with the app and after 2 days of creating a bigger presentation, FotoMagico is just crashing on launch. Tried some things - restarted etc. Still crashing on launch:

The crash report is showing lots of lines with:
18 FotoMagico 0x10026ab0c FMMacStoryboardSlideView._updateLayout(for:tracksExpanded:scale:animated:) + 264

Seems the app crashes while trying to load the file I was working on.
Thats a real shame because I need this work.

Any ideas?

It looks like this special file is crashing. I reinstalled the app and other files are loading, but as soon as I try to load my working file, it crashes.
The file is around 10GB of size and consists of some videos too …