Crash on Load - macOS Ventura

Hi - I was working with the app and after 2 days of creating a bigger presentation, FotoMagico is just crashing on launch. Tried some things - restarted etc. Still crashing on launch:

The crash report is showing lots of lines with:
18 FotoMagico 0x10026ab0c FMMacStoryboardSlideView._updateLayout(for:tracksExpanded:scale:animated:) + 264

Seems the app crashes while trying to load the file I was working on.
Thats a real shame because I need this work.

Any ideas?

It looks like this special file is crashing. I reinstalled the app and other files are loading, but as soon as I try to load my working file, it crashes.
The file is around 10GB of size and consists of some videos too …

If you’re having issues with FotoMagico, try restarting your computer first. Sometimes, a simple restart is sufficient to resolve software issues. If restarting your computer doesn’t help, uninstalling and then reinstalling the app is another option.

If the problem persists, you might consider opening the app in safe mode. You can do this by launching FotoMagico while holding down the Shift key to disable any third-party extensions or plugins that might be causing the issue.

While you troubleshoot, make sure to keep a backup of your presentation in case you encounter further problems. Additionally, try working on a copy of the file to see if that deals with the problem.