Corrupt event config file? ... Can't change Show Title

Greetings … I had a successful weekend with MimoLive at a rare disease scientific conference, adding and adjusting layers, etc.

But I could not get the Show Title to change. I was using 6.4b5, hoping to use the advanced Zoom features, but our event required registration (coming soon!), so I reverted to 6.4 with no luck and then back to 6.4b5.

The Show Settings dropdown does not show editable fields - see screenshot. And FWIW, the two Kiosk check boxes at the bottom do not “stick” when unchecked either.

I checked 6.4b5 disk access permissions and it has full disk access (removed, relaunched, re-added, and re-lainched again). I made the config file read and writable by everyone - still no joy. I restarted MimoLive numerous times and then restarted my MBP M1 - no luck.

A different config file for a different event does accept Show Title changes.

I suspect my config file is mildly corrupted … how do I debug/fix this?


Hi @OregonDean1 Sorry for the late reply.

The fields aren’t editable when a recording is running or the show is running. It may also be locked when other output destinations are active.