Copy "Start" position to "Finish"

Just downloaded Fotomagico and am loving it so far. Quick question: how can I copy a “start” position to the “finish” position?

Let’s say I have set a “Start” position/zoom, and I want just a slight variation from this position as the “Finish” position. Is there a way to “sync” the two without going Edit > Copy Geometry (i.e. quicker/easier/automated)?

Another example is having 2 vertical images side-by-side. If I want to “Mask” each of them to take up 1/2 of the screen and then have them animate themselves in their own mask, how can I do that without having to Copy each geometry/animation twice for every frame?

You have to do this for every geometry you want to have the same on both sides. However you can right-click on the slides to reveal a context menu and select “Copy Geometry” here which may be a bit faster, than always go with the standard “Edit” menu.