converting to Quicktime

Hi, I converted a 64MB slideshow to QTime and the file size increased to 1.5GB… Yike!s… It’s a Huge increase and makes sharing rather difficult. Is this normal? Did I press a wrong button? Thanks.

This can definitely be the case, since the file size depends on many variables. QuickTime is just a container format but doesn’t say anything about the codec in use, the bitrate and the resolution.
The size of the slideshow file itself only consists of the cumulated file sizes of the images. Whether an image is displayed 1 second or 30 seconds doesn’t result in any filesize change in the FotoMagico slideshow. In the movie however, 1 second of your slideshow results in 30 images that need to be compressed. So the size of the resulting video mostly depends on the duration and the resolution.

Bastion, thanks for responding… I can’t understand how a 6 minute slideshow can be twice the size of a feature length high action Hollywood film. Can you please give me another option for sharing this file… Thanks… TL