Convert .fms to another format?

Hi, I chose a music pack as a free gift for Boinx’s 25th, but found that the audio files are in the Fotomagico format .fms. Is there a way to convert them to another format and use them - or are these music pieces only for use in Fotomagico (which I don’t have)?
Thanks for letting me know. - Elissa

This is a user to user forum and there is no guarantee that anyone from the company will read your post. I suggest you contact their support direct. Meanwhile you could try and see if the files will open in VLC, which can handle many different formats, or if you can convert it using AudioConverter.

Hi @MiniMattersEL The Music packs are for use with FotoMagico exclusively. The benefit of the music pack is that the files contain markers to allow you to synchronise your photos to the music easily with FotoMagico. The actual music is licensed under Creative Commons from Kevin McLeod and Josh Woodward and is available from their websites.

Ah, got it. I still got a lower third out of the deal to play with, so that’s fine. Very cool to be celebrating 25 years. Congratulations!!!