Control surface "save as" possible?

Is it possible to do a “save as” or to duplicate a control surface so I don’t have to create a new one from scratch?

I have a basic one for my weekly stream, but every once in a while (like this Sunday) I need to vary it and would like to do so without losing my original.



any news on this? I need to duplicate a control surface as well.

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be useful to be able to duplicate control surfaces to keep a working backup. I’ve added this to the feature wish list.

To add to that would be a ‘duplicate’ button found in the control surface button’s settings panel.

And love the live previewing but I’m so concerned about system resources that i just leave the buttons a color. An image upload to button feature would be killer.

I’m sure these are already talked about.

any update on this feature? hugely still missing… and yet so important…

Me too!
Also sortable actions, please!! :heart:

And to add to this:

A way to keep the navigation window open, after selecting an option, to prevent you from having to open layer options again and again when building an interface.

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Yes, a pin needle? That’d be genius!!!

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Something like that. At least, leave the ‘selection window’ open, so you can select items Fast and easy with less mouse clicks

how about selecting multiple buttons in Remote Control for deletion. I use a similar remote layout for all my shows and its a pain to delete one at a time.