Control surface "save as" possible?

Is it possible to do a “save as” or to duplicate a control surface so I don’t have to create a new one from scratch?

I have a basic one for my weekly stream, but every once in a while (like this Sunday) I need to vary it and would like to do so without losing my original.



any news on this? I need to duplicate a control surface as well.

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it would be useful to be able to duplicate control surfaces to keep a working backup. I’ve added this to the feature wish list.

To add to that would be a ‘duplicate’ button found in the control surface button’s settings panel.

And love the live previewing but I’m so concerned about system resources that i just leave the buttons a color. An image upload to button feature would be killer.

I’m sure these are already talked about.