Control HuddleCam EPTZ?

Hi, we currently use a number of 4k HuddleCam EPTZ cameras with MimoLive on an M1 MacBook Pro recording 1080p. They are connected via USB, and we move around the 4k image via remote control or via PTZOptics Camera Control software.

It would be wonderful if either of the PTZ layers within Mimo could be used to control them and call up presets. Just wanted to make that request!

Thank you for such a great program.


Hi @Otis Thanks for reaching out with this feature request.

If the HuddleCam EPTZ supports a standard protocol, we will consider adding support.

Do you have the NDI|Hx version of the HuddleCam by chance? With the NDI|HX version, controlling it via NDI just works in mimoLive. You can identify that version by the “NDI|HX” logo displayed on the front of the camera just below the “HuddleCam HD” line.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx Thanks for replying.

Unfortunately, we have the HC-EPTZ-USB version, not the NDI|HX.

In the future, I think we’ll buy the NDI version, but for now it would great to find a solution for the cameras we already have. Maybe I could use the Zoom to Window layer to set presets for different crops? Might not be very elegant but maybe I’ll try that on Monday.

Hi @Otis, Can you get the HC-EPTZ to output the full 4K signal into mimoLive? If so, try the Follow layer. Or you can make several sources using the same input and use the Scale and Transform filter to create “virtual” cameras with different view points.

Sometimes, a question gets you thinking inside a box first… :slight_smile:

Yes, or PIP-Window and cropped views from one (full) source.

Thanks for the ideas, @Oliver_Boinx and @JoPhi!

The solutions are workable but cumbersome - not quite feasible for 10-20 shots/presets that need to be adjusted on the fly.

Thanks anyhow and I’ll just repeat my feature request for UVC camera control :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for something to adjust brightness, color and such, apps like Webcam Settings (‎Webcam Settings on the App Store) should work fine with mimoLive.

Yes, I already have control of our HuddleCams through the PTZOptics Camera Control app but I can’t operate it and MimoLive on the same computer at the same time without switching back and forth. If there was a Stream Deck plugin for the Camera Control app or way to map presets within that app to keystrokes, I would be all set but there’s not.