Continuously dropping frames when using BMD UltraStudio for output

I am experiencing dropped frames a great deal lately while outputting to the Ultra studio 4k. There is no pattern to when this may occur, sometimes immediately and sometimes not at all . It may drop a few randomly or can potentially drop a lot rapidly, a restart seems to be the only fix. Always running ML shows at 1080@25, the issue occurs across all of my macs. Anybody else experiencing this, any suggestions for a fix.

I had the same issue outputting on the new Ultrastudio HD Mini. The issue only occurred when I was was playing out to SDI with 59.94 frame rate. Note this is the SDI playout frame rate, not the mimoLive document frame rate.

The issue was resolved by upgrading the BlackMagic Design Desktop software to 10.9.3 which initiated a firmware update on my UltraStudio Mini.

So things I would check:
What version of BM desktop software are you using?
What frame rate are you outputting on SDI playout?
Have you tried other frame rates to see if the problem persists? Can you please try Chris’ suggestions and let me know if that helped? In mimoLive we updated the way we deliver the frames to the BlackMagic drivers recently so it would be very interesting what version of mimoLive you are running?

Thanks for the response guys, I am waiting for some down time on Friday to do some offsite controlled testing, in answer to Chriss’ suggestions I do know,
Mimolive Currently running v2.9.1
All Mimolive documents are made 1920 x 1080 @ 25.
With the Ultra Studio Mini HD, BMD Desktop video was 10.9.3 and it also ran an update on the Ultra Studio.
With the Ultra Studio 4k the macs are running Desktop Video 10.9.
All Mac outputs run at 1080i50 with no other conversions except to HD_SDI Key and Fill.
I will report back after Friday, let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to try. I’ll only be testing the US4k’s with mac pro, mac mini and mbp, I dont have a new MBP with TB3 available to me, and unless someone has a way to inject power into the US mini while using TB2 - TB3 adaptor its likely I wont use the mini’s again for some time, but thats a whole other story.

1080 25fps shouldn’t be a problem at all. We fixed some things for 4k play out. It would be interesting to know if the frame dropping is happening in the rendering engine or does it happen only at the play out. You can monitor the rendering engine with the “Rendering Monitor Window” and the SDI Play Out with the Setup Window for SDI while playing out. FYI you can detach the SDI Settings window by dragging it away so it will stay on screen while working in mimoLive on other parts.

We are experiencing the same issue. The system starts off fine but over time it drops frames. Video lags and we have to turn the output on and off for it to work again, temporarily. We are using Mimolive with the UltraStudio monitor as an output. We have done every update available. Our computer is a 2013 MacPro with 12 core and 64 GB of RAM. Desperately need help with this. Also, we run 720 59.97 FPS around our campus, where we are experiencing the lag issue.

@“NCC Media” Sorry to hear about the troubles. I’ll contact you privately to set up a call.

Running Black Magic Desktop Video 10.9.3.
MimoLive 2.9.1 1920 x 1080 50i
There is no obvious trigger after no particular given time the frames just start to drop and will not stop until restarting Mimo.
DropFrames Mac Pro
Dropped Frames MBP Could you please try to downgrade to mimoLive 2.9?

Have tried 2.9, has not made any difference. I really need to see a solution as the future is not looking good at the moment. Should I try 2.9.2b2? How stable is this beta? Yes, please test the beta 2.9.2b2 we released recently

We worked on the dropping-Frames problem as well as on some crashes that happens when closing a document. So it should behave the same for all other parts of the software compared to 2.9.1

Feedback is highly appreciated!

Cautiously I am happy to report 2.9.2b2 has been running continuously for nearly 2hrs and is reporting no dropped frames. I very good sign and I shall continue to run throughout the day with high hopes Saturday match day will be issue free. We will run a back up on 2.9.1 along side the show machine and see how it holds up.

@“Achim (Boinx)” @“Oliver (Boinx)”
Reporting back that ver 2.9.2b2 was live continuously for +24hrs without a dropped frame. Saturdays match day was smooth all the way.

@winnie Glad to hear it. We will work hard to make sure we get it right!